Blake Jones

Colourist - Consultant - Instructor - Writer

Over twenty five years of experience as a Colourist, Consultant, Instructor and Writer throughout the world. Blake grew up within the film industry and experienced all aspects of film making and loves to share his expertise with others. In addition to English, Blake also speaks French, Spanish, German and Dutch.

Blake works at VISION2See in Munich offering training, engineering and customer support services.

It was great to see everyone at our Colorist Workshop in June at VISION2See!

We showed Resolve 14, the new Canon HDR monitor and the Dolby Vision CMU. We also showed the Blackmagic Cintel 4K Film Scanner.

Blake recently taught a Resolve 101 and 201 course at the International Film School in Cologne

Blake recently returned from a four day workshop at the IFS in Cologne where he taught a Resolve 101 and 201 class.

Extensive experience with conducting colourist training courses throughout the world. Blake is part of the International Colorist Academy. These course may be carried out in either English, French, Spanish, German or even Dutch.

He is experienced with teaching operational course for the following systems.

Pandora Pogle

daVinci Renaissance 888

daVinci Renaissance 888 DUI

daVinci 2K

daVinci 2K Plus

daVinci Resolve

daVinci Revival digital restoration system

You can see the latest updates about what Blake is up to via Linkedin at Blake´s Linkedin profile.

Blake is now a full member of the Colorist Society International. The Colorist Society International or CSI is the first organization established to further and honour the achievements of colourists.

Whether it be setting up a new suite within your facility or even advice for an upcoming project, Blake has the extensive experience to make it happen.

Blake started as a colourist in Hollywood and graded such films as “2001: A Space Odyssey” and “Poltergeist” to name only a few of the numerous titles he has worked on. Recently Blake was the digital intermediate colourist for Federico Zampaglione’s film “Shadow”.

Blake writes operational manuals and white papers for post production equipment manufacturers. He is also the author of three industry related books. My latest eBook is called Color Grading 101 and is available via iTunes.

"Color Grading 101"

“Video Color Correction For Nonlinear Editors: A Step By Step Guide”

“Film into Video: A Guide To Merging The Technologies 2nd Edition”

Blake is an instructor with the International Colorist Academy and has over 27 years of experience. He gives classes in Basic Color Grading, Resolve Operation, Revival Operation and even Film Scanner Operation. He is one of the few people who have worked with Resolve and Revival since the products were introduced.